How to enable logging in OpenStack via devstack

Last updated on December 13, 2012 by Dan Nanni

Devstack is a shell script used to automate the building process of the entire OpenStack development environments. In OpenStack deployment created by devstack, debug output of individual OpenStack services goes to their corresponding interactive screen sessions. For debugging purposes, however, you may want to enable logging in OpenStack services. If you are using devstack to install OpenStack, you can easily enable logging in OpenStack by using devstack.

In order to capture the screen output of OpenStack services in separate log files, you can define the following variable in ~/devstack/localrc.


By default, $DEST points to /opt/stack. Therefore, the above setting lets the log files of individual OpenStack services be stored in /opt/stack/logs/screen/*.log.

In addition, if you would like to log, for devstack troubleshooting purposes, the detailed progress of OpenStack installations and configurations triggered by devstack, you can define the following variables in ~/devstack/localrc. With this setting, all standard output of devstack script will be stored in the specified log file.


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