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My name is Dan Nanni. I am the man behind Xmodulo.com, an online Linux knoweldge base. I felt in love with Linux while I was studying for my Computer Science degree in the US. I was fascinated by the strong and vibrant developer community that constantly advances the state of the art of the largest free operating system. I was also impressed by the active user community voluntarily helping each other and sharing their knowledge.

Xmodulo is pretty-much a one-man job by myself, but I am fortunate enough to work with several excellent contributors to share answers to Linux related FAQs, tips and tutorials. Covered topics range from Linux desktop customization, system administration, open-source tools, network security, virtualization, cloud computing, and many more that I find interesting and can get my hands on.

As the editor-in-chief, I make great efforts to ensure that every Linux tutorial I publish at Xmodulo is easily consumable to readers with little background on the topic. Linux technical writers often take pride in the fact that they tested their tutorial themselves before writing it. However, "testing before writing" alone does not make a good Linux tutorial. I always try to make sure that tutorials are written so that they can guide readers to understand both "problem" and "solution" clearly. For this I always try to think from a reader's perspective. For every article contributed by our collaborators, I typically go through multiple rounds of many revisions, trying to perfect clarity and accuracy of writing. It's a tough job, but I feel enormously rewarded whenever someone says one of our tutorials helped them.

I want Xmodulo tutorials to be as widely distributed as possible. So I decided to license all content on Xmodulo under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If you want to use the whole or any part of Xmodulo articles, please respect the work of fellow Linux writers and do your due diligence by citing the original source here at Xmodulo!.

Be Generous and Support Dan!

If you have never written a technical tutorial, you may not be aware of the time involved to publish content of this nature on a regular basis. As the editor-in-chief I spend countless hours at night and during my precious weekends researching, testing and writing.

While charging for access to content may be frowned upon in this open-source community, giving the opportunity for voluntary support is not. So in the spirit of giving you a way to support Xmodulo, here is how you can support Xmodulo and me. I'll thank you forever!

You can make monetary donation via PayPal or credit card, or using Bitcoin (1M161JGAkz3oaHNvTiPFjNYkeABox8rb4g).

You can support Xmodulo in non-monetary means by sharing our articles with your friends on your social networks. Also, follow Xmodulo at Twitter and Facebook.

Contact Dan

If you want to contact me, feel free to reach out via email.

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