Squid is an open-source caching HTTP proxy with feature-complete support for HTTP, HTTP/2 HTTPS and FTP. Squid helps reduce web server response time and lowers bandwidth requirement on the backend web server by caching frequently requested objects and serving them on behalf of the web server. Squid supports other network protocols such as FTP, TLS/SSL and HTTPS, ACL-based content filtering/blocking, and multiple caching protocols for distributed cache clusters (e.g., hierarchical/mesh-based caches). Squid can be set up either as a forwarding proxy or as a reverse proxy. As a forwarding proxy, Squid serves specific user base (e.g., corporate users) by caching contents potentially from any public web server on the Internet. In the reverse proxy mode, Squid operates as a web accelerator or an SSL offloader for specific web server(s), and typically is accessed by any Internet users.

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